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Epic Armoury

The mempo is a half-mask in heavy leather, that protects the face from nose to chin. Variations of mempos were used in Japan and China from as early as 200 BCE by amongst others foot-samurai and heavy cavalry, where the mempo often helped balance and secure top-heavy helmets, and were decorated to give the wearer an extra fierce look. Epic Armoury's mempo covers the face from the bridge of the nose and cheeks and to well under the chin. It is made from 3 mm thick vegetable-tanned full-grain leather. The leather is shaped in three dimensions adding comfort and protective stiffness to the leather. It is adorned at the mouth with four air slits and secured in place with two long cotton-weave cords that tie around the neck. Though often associated with battlefield elites, Epic Armoury's mempo could be worn by anyone as it is not only fully compatible with other Epic Armoury leathers and steels but also easy to decorate to create a unique personal look.

Specs and Features: 

  • Weight:    150 gram / 5,29 oz
  • Length cm:    16,00
  • Width across cm:    30,00
  • Colours: Red, Black & Brown